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Francisco Vives

Remeras 10-2018

Posted by Francisco Vives Oct 10, 2018

En breve tendremos las nuevas remeras impresas



El dibujo de las remeras tiene una base binaria, de 0s y 1s,

Está protagonizada por 2 cabras humanizadas que trabajan en conjunto utilizando sus cabezas con ingenio y actitud.

Forman el 10 con una tipografía de mucho talento ('86).


El concepto de cabras proviene de la palabra en inglés GOAT, popularizado bajo la frase de Greatest Of All Time ( incorporando el concepto de GRAN EQUIPO en el GREATeam.


Gracias Bongo por esta gran obra!




This t-shirt drawing is based on 0s and 1s, featured by 2 humanized goats that using their heads and attitude build a number 10, where the #10 is expressed with a typo used several times by Maradona.

The goat concept ( is derived from the phrase Greatest of all Time and also adding the team concept in GreaTeam,


Thanks Bongo for representing the way to work so brilliantly.

Por si a alguno no le llegó el mail, lo pongo acá para que no les borren ninguna máquina virtual que tengan en uso.

El mail lo mandó John Medway:


We're trying to do some house-cleaning and virtual machine sprawl wrangling. Please take a gander at:
  and make sure something you care about is not on the hit list.
  If you know something is obsolete and can be deleted, please mark it as such in the "Keep/Kill" column.
  If you still need that VM, or one with similar functionality, please annotate the document in thhe "Keep/Kill" column.
  Note: We are shutting down OVM entirely, so anything on that "Keep" list will need to be re-created using JCA4QA, or we can do it manually, if necessary.






Actualización: mail de John Medway

That we've had 67 views of, and zero feedback on, suggests that I should go ahead and shut these remaining VMs down, and re-purpose the equipment now

and not wait for the 30th. Objections??? Last call....


Hablen ahora o callen para siempre!