Version 9

    After working for 12 years for Jive Software we have started providing Professional Services like building add-ons, plugins and tiles.


    • Maintenance: Functional bugs, security and accessibility fixes. Support and assistance to get the community running.
    • GUI Customization: Themes creation based on JPG or specification.
    • Build Add-Ons: Build and maintain add-ons for Cloud and on-prem versions.
    • Build Plugins: Build and maintain existing plugins for 7.x, 8.x and 9.x versions.
    • Tiles: Develop new custom tiles, HTML tile


    Take a look at:


    Coming soon:

    There are some extensions that will be available soon:

    • Simplified clear and easy to use Mobile / Responsive view
    • Jive events integration with Google and Exchange
    • Who is Who in the community (a social game)


    For more info, please contact: