Todavía está en etapa de "review". a ver si es cierto. si se puede refutar. si le encuentran algún error... etc. Esperemos que no pase como con que es un invento genial, al que nadie le da bola (significaría la caida del monopolio de la energía. una total locura)



Sin más preámbulo:


An anonymous reader writes "Vladimir Romanov has released what he claims is a polynomial-time algorithm for solving 3-SAT.  Because 3-SAT is NP-complete, this would imply that P==NP.  While there's still good reason to be skeptical that this is, in fact, true, he's made source code available and appears decidedly more serious than most of the people attempting to prove that P==NP or P!=NP.  Even though this is probably wrong, just based on the sheer number of prior failures, it seems more likely to lead to new discoveries than most.  Note that there are already algorithms to solve 3-SAT, including one that runs in time (4/3)^n and succeeds with high probability.  Incidentally, this wouldn't necessarily imply that encryption is worthless:  it may still be too slow to be practical."


Es open source: