Version 4

    Follow these instructions in order to have notifications at slack.


    Create Slack App

    As an admin go to your slack admin workspace :


    Complete the application name and Workspace related to your company


    Create the t-Triage bot

    You can add the t-Triage logo in it from:


    OAuth & Permissions > scroll down to Scope section

    Add an OAuth Scope > Commands, bot and channels:history



    Now on the same screen click on Install App to Workspace and Allow permission


    As a last item, copy the Bot User OAuth Access Token


    Integrate in t-Triage


    1. Go to Triage > Admin Panel > CI Containers
    2. Edit your container > Show Advanced options and
    3. Paste the OAuth Token
    4. Select a public channel where you will share the t-Triage status
    5. Press Save & Test.
      1. This will show an error message if there is anything wrong
      2. This will write in the chat group a message saying: t-Triage Test Message.




    All set, now on important notifications (like new build to process), it will be notified there like: