Version 2




    Getting started

    Once the product is installed, you'd need to add the data from your product.

    1. Go to your URL, like http://localhost or
    2. Login with / t-triageAdm
    3. Go to Menu > Admin Panel > Products
      1. Add a product name
      2. Press SAVE
    4. Go to CI Connectors
      1. Add a name like: Jenkins
      2. Set your CI home url, like:
      3. Type: your CI type
      4. Username: your jenkins username
      5. User Token: your token (
      6. Press SAVE & TEST
    5. Go to CI Containers
      1. Complete name
      2. Url of the project or view that contains your test, it is something like:
      3. jenkins sample:
      4. circle sample:
      5. Press SAVE
    6. Now you should need to wait for less than 15' to start getting data in your Triage Page: http://localhost/SuiteList