Version 2


    This document explains how to install and upgrade t-Triage on-prem.


    We make available an executable file named ttriage-cli as part of the attached ttriage-onprem utility, that provides some useful commands to install and upgrade t-Triage.

    It is based on the docker and docker-compose architecture.






    Installing t-Triage


    Install t-Triage CLI

    Run the following commands from terminal:


    cd ttriage-onprem


    Setup t-Triage

    Get t-Triage docker images:

    ./ttriage-cli pull

    -- This command will pull both backend and frontend images from registry defined in ttriage.conf as well as will take the target tag images from the same file.


    Running t-Triage

    Execute from terminal:

    ./ttriage-cli ps start

    -- ttriage-cli will setup and start all services automatically.



    Start and stop t-Triage

    Start and stop t-Triage via ttriage-cli:

    ./ttriage-cli ps <start|stop|restart>



    Rebuild a container

    In some weird cases you will need to reset or rebuild a container, due to a failure/corruption or simple because an updated t-Triage image.

    ./ttriage-cli rebuild <backend|frontend|all>


    Getting started

    Once installed and running:

    1. Go to http://localhost:8082
    2. Login with / 123123

    -- This utility has an in-memory database that runs in H2 with pre-populated data so you don't have to do any extra configuration.