Version 21



    This document explains how to install and upgrade t-Triage on-prem.


    We make available an executable file named ttriage-cli as part of the attached ttriage-onprem utility, that provides some useful commands to install and upgrade t-Triage. It is based on the docker and docker-compose architecture.


    Let's start...





    t-Triage implements ttriage-cli, a shell-script file to make the management easy.

    ttriage-cli is an executable file, if doesn't have permissions, please set with chmod +x ttriage-cli





    Install t-Triage CLI

    Run the following commands from your server:

    cd ttriage-onprem


    Setup t-Triage

    First step is to get t-Triage docker images doing:

    ./ttriage-cli pull

    -- This command will pull both backend and frontend images from registry defined in ttriage.conf as well as will take the target tag images from the same file.



    Then it is required to change the server URL at:

    vi config-front.yml

    The localhost should be replaced by the servername or IP.


    Running t-Triage

    Execute ./ttriage-cli ps start from terminal.

    -- ttriage-cli will setup and start all services automatically.


    Start and stop t-Triage

    Start and stop t-Triage via ttiage-cli:

    • ./ttriage-cli ps stop
    • ./ttriage-cli ps start



    Every week t-Triage is upgraded and it is recommended you do it as well:

    ./ttriage-cli ps stop
    ./ttriage-cli upgrade all 
    ./ttriage-cli ps start