Version 10

    In order to facilitate the import of your test results. We have created a suite of tests that perform this work. Those test are in our public GIT repository: Bitbucket


    How to set up Jenkins

    Follow the following steps


    In Source Code Management

    1. Go to your Jenkins and create a new Maven Job
    2. Choose a good and representative name.
    3. Go to "Source Code Management" and select GIT as SCM
    4. Complete the Repository URL with:
    5. Complete the branch with: master

    In Build section


    Note: Make sure to get the proper clientId and secretId: How-To: Pull / Push configuration


    The version of Maven you have to use in your Jenkins tasks should be 3.5.x or higher.

    Why? There is a known issue present in previous versions of Maven and Surefire plugin that could cause the t-Triage integration does not work.


    1. Maven Version: Your mvn version (3.5.x or high)
    2. Root pom: pom.xml
    3. Goals and options: clean compile test -Dtest=JenkinsPushTestSuite











    • <YOUR_JENKINS_VIEW>  could be comma separated. Ie: Deploy, "Jenkins Jobs",Others
    • <YOUR_JENKINS_SERVER_TOKEN> You will find it in https://<YOUR_JENKINS_SERVER_URL>/user/<YOUR_JENKINS_SERVER_USERNAME>/configure (or you can use a service token)




    Sample Config


    Sample configuration Goal:


    clean compile test -Dtest=JenkinsPushTestSuite











    CI artifacts and reports see: HOW-TO: Configure artifacts in CI tool


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