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    Development Areas

    > E2E FullStack Dev

    > Mobile and WEB Dev

    > API and Backend

    > i18n / Accessibility


    We have a strong background in developing and maintaining web applications, leveraging Java, JS, CSS, Scala, Angular, React, PHP, Springboot, Bootstrap, IONICS, Hibernate, Maven, GIT, several frameworks, languages and databases. AWS, Virtual Environments, Docker, Jenkins. Etc



    Web Testing

    Penetration Tests




    Penetration testing, source code analysis, network security. Our team includes professionals who have been working in the subject for over 7 years, running security for large companies, with deep understanding of audits, standards and regulatory.



    Automation (Front and Back)




    QA Ops


    Functional, end to end, test plan development, automated, black box, white box, cross browser. We have a widely experience in Selenium, Selenide, Robot, Protractor, JUnit, RESTAssured, SoapUI, Cucumber and more.



    More info in: Clarolab - Presentaciones de Google