Version 6
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    Even it is impossible to quantify the release feature, this approach tends to quantify at leas some part of the release:

    • QA Resources: 4.5 Engineers
    • Versions: 5.0.1, 4.5.7


    Activities: 4.5.7 and 5.0Amount (estimated)
    Fixed Issues at the first of the cycle320
    Issues at the end of the cycle450 (estimated)
    Complex Issues to test100
    Regression Test Modules3
    Issues Filed33 (estimated)



    Activities for 4.5.6AmountEffort
    Fixed Issues at the first of cycle113LOW
    Issues after CF105MEDIUM
    Complex Issues to test15MEDIUM
    Regression Test Modules24HIGH
    Issues Filed310HIGH



    Activities: 4.5.6Amount (estimated)Points (effort 1-5)
    Issues at the first of the cycle3204
    Incoming Issues until end of cycle3803
    Regression Testing Documents at Brewspace32
    Regression Tests in Zephyr4002
    Security Modules and Combinations32
    Issues Filed33 (estimated)
    Automated Test Passing3331


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